February 1 - 5, 2021

EtherCAT Interoperability testing week


We invite and encourage all vendors* of EtherCAT master systems, slave devices, codes, and tools to participate in the 2021 EtherCAT Interoperability testing week.

*Please note that we start this new interoperability activity with focus on European ETG members. After gaining experience on a European basis we have planned to extend it to North America and Asia.

The goal of this developer’s event is to perform interoperability tests and to offer EtherCAT interoperability know-how supported by EtherCAT experts from ETG:

  • Webinar sessions with focus topics, how-to information, and Q&A offered by the ETG team
  • 1:1 expert sessions with specific support from ETG experts for individual developers
  • Remote testing session at ETG with masters and slaves
    • Direct master/slave connection
    • Using unpublished CTT development version
    • ETC interop network testing for master/config tools




2021 EtherCAT Interoperability testing week (PDF)


There is no participation fee.

Registration deadline:

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Online registration is closed