es la red Ethernet abierta en tiempo real desarrollada originalmente por Beckhoff. EtherCAT establece nuevos estándares de rendimiento en tiempo real y flexibilidad topológica.
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EtherCAT Technology Group

El ETG es una organización global en la que OEM, Usuarios Finales y Proveedores de Tecnología unen fuerzas para apoyar y promover el desarrollo tecnológico.
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Novedades ETG

EtherCAT Technology Group welcomes Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC as member number 6,000

11/2020 | The latest membership milestone in the growth of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) shows that EtherCAT technology is successfully defying the current global crisis: The American sensor manufacturer Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC recently became member number 6,000 of the world's largest fieldbus user organization. Más...

EtherCAT Compendium: first chapters online

09/2020 | The EtherCAT Compendium provides a comprehensive, coherent description of EtherCAT with its technical details, system, implementation, and user aspects. It supplements the formal specifications with easily readable, applicable and application-specific know-how. The compendium is work in progress, first chapters are now online. Más...

SPS Italia Digital Days: ETG Contact Place

09/2020 | In September SPS Italia meets the automation community in a new digital dimension. Meet us at the ETG Contact Place there. Más...

Crisis is time for innovation, gain market share with EtherCAT!

07/2020 | Martin Rostan does not believe in reinterpreting the crisis into advantages: motivational slogans alone do not help. But the additional time now available should be used well. During the Hannover Messe Digital Days 2020 the ETG Executive Director explained how. Más...

ETG with new multimedia content

03/2020 | The ETG is now offering further multimedia content to all interested parties and will be filling its website and YouTube channel with a total of eight new technology videos over the next few weeks, which briefly explain the various advantageous features of EtherCAT technology. Más...

ETG @ embedded world 2020

02/2020 | Visit us in Hall 4-266 at embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany! We are presenting the latest technology updates of EtherCAT, including EtherCAT G (enhanced EtherCAT functionality at gigabit levels). Más...

ETG provides new educational tool for developers

02/2020 | The ETG offers manufacturers, developers and users comprehensive support services for EtherCAT technology. The EtherCAT Device Protocol (EDP) Poster is an additional tool that specifically helps developers of EtherCAT devices successfully navigate the EtherCAT world. Más...

EtherCAT Seminar Taiwan 2020

01/2020 | To provide a better understanding of hot topics in the global automation industry, ETG will present an informative EtherCAT event in Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.), on February 18, 2020. Más...

EtherCAT Seminar Series New Zealand 2020

01/2020 | ETG will present an informative series of EtherCAT events in New Zealand as well. These half-day morning seminars are free of charge and will take place at exceptional locations in Christchurch (The Addington Raceway Events Centre) on Feb 19 and Auckland (Hospitality Lounge of Emirates Team New Zealand) on Feb 20! Más...

EtherCAT Seminar Series Australia 2020

01/2020 | ETG will present an informative series of EtherCAT events in Australia again. These half-day morning seminars are free of charge and will take place at excellent locations in Perth (FLUX) on Feb 11, Melbourne (Creative Cubes) on Feb 13 and Sydney (Rydges Parramatta) on Feb 14! Más...

Últimas entradas de productos

FCT640 by CMZ

11/2020 | For industrial motion control, CMZ offers the FCT640 programmable controller: modular, compact and high performing system based on CODESYS 3.5 with integrated I/O’s.


11/2020 | IBD stands for Integrated Brushless Drive. Electronics made in Italy by CMZ. Maximum control & power. Strongly simplified machine architecture. More efficient processes.

EtherCAT Development Services by IBV

11/2020 | IBV offers software engineering services concerning development, integration and support on real-time and embedded systems.

icECAT EtherCAT Configuration Library

11/2020 | The EtherCAT Master Configuration Library by IBV is used to create an ENI configuration (EtherCAT Network Information) for a customer specific EtherCAT network.

IDMsm by ACS Motion Control

11/2020 | The IDMsm is a 2 or 4 axis DS402 EtherCAT Intelligent Drive Module designed to meet the needs of OEMs employing EtherCAT-based control systems with high-precision motion stages.

microScan3 by SICK

10/2020 | The microScan3 safety laser scanner by SICK stands for the protection of very different applications: from stationary to mobile and from simple to complex.

EKM1101 by Beckhoff

10/2020 | The EKM1101 EtherCAT Coupler connects the ELMxxxx EtherCAT measurement modules with EtherCAT. Such a station consists of an EKM1101 coupler, any number of EtherCAT Terminals and a bus end cap or an EtherCAT extension such as EK1110 or EK1122.

Julia-32 by HRK-BRK

09/2020 | A universal native Fieldbus Slave born with the goal of being used in every sector (e.g. industrial, building automation, medical, etc). It collects biomedical signals in a synchronized manner using Ethernet Deterministic Fieldbus.

Bus controller CPC12 by E-T-A

09/2020 | The CPC12 bus controller and the REX12D power distribution and protection system ensure stable production processes through a reliable and transparent DC 24 V power distribution.

snickerdoodle by krtkl

08/2020 | New low-cost EtherCAT development and deployment platform. Based on a Xilinx Zynq®-7000 SoC, snickerdoodle is a compact module with 180 I/O, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time control and connectivity.

BGE 5510 dPro EC by Dunkermotoren

08/2020 | Servo drive with fully integrated EtherCAT interface, power- and logic electronics.

BG 66 dPro EC by Dunkermotoren

08/2020 | Servomotor with fully integrated EtherCAT interface, power- and logic electronics.

AC Servo MINAS A6 Multi

07/2020 | A dual-axis, modular 400V servo drive with an ultra-thin book size design EtherCAT drive MINAS A6 Multi from Panasonic.

Online EtherCAT Master Sample Code workshop for master developers

07/2020 | The online workshop is aimed at developers of EtherCAT masters using the EtherCAT Master Sample Code (ET9200) from Beckhoff Automation.

Online EtherCAT technology basics for developers

07/2020 | The Online EtherCAT technology basics for developers seminar is aimed at developers as recommendable preparation before attending the EtherCAT Slave Evaluation Kit workshop or EtherCAT Master Sample Code workshop provided by Beckhoff Automation.


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