Vendor ID

Each EtherCAT compliant device has to implement the worldwide unique Vendor ID assigned by ETG. The EtherCAT Vendor ID Usage is governed by the ETG Vendor ID Policy and the corresponding Vendor ID agreement, which asks for conformance with the EtherCAT specifications. In order to clarify this policy, the general rules are repeated below:

  • Each vendor of an EtherCAT device has to be an ETG member and has to obtain and maintain a valid Vendor ID from the EtherCAT Technology Group
  • The Vendor ID is free of charge
  • The vendor has to implement the Vendor ID in each EtherCAT device prior to making it available on the market
  • Manufacturers of machines, which integrate and use EtherCAT devices in combination with or in such machines, are not required to apply for and use a Vendor ID

Vendor ID FAQs

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EtherCAT Vendor ID FAQs

Vendor ID Policy

Please find the Vendor ID Policy here (Member Area):
EtherCAT Vendor ID Policy

Vendor ID Online Assignment

Here you can apply for a Vendor ID online (Member Area):
EtherCAT Vendor ID Assignment Form

Vendor ID List

The list of already assigned and valid Vendor IDs can be found here:
EtherCAT Vendor ID List