EtherCAT P - Power and Communication combined

What is EtherCAT P actually?

EtherCAT P (EtherCAT + Power) is an addition to the EtherCAT technology on the cabling level. P stands for power and enables one to use the standard 4-wire Ethernet cable not only for data, but also for two electrically isolated, individually switchable 24V/3A power supplies. This technology facilitates the cascading of several EtherCAT devices and therefore only requires one cable to connect and power I/O and field devices.

EtherCAT P is 100% EtherCAT – and adds the power transmission on the very same cable. Licensing is free of charge.

What are the advantages of EtherCAT P and who can benefit from it?

With EtherCAT P, the Us (system and sensor supply) and Up (peripheral voltage for actuators) voltages are directly coupled into the 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT communication line, which leads to reduced cabling, compact, cost-effective wiring, lower system costs and smaller footprint for devices, equipment and machines.

Potential error sources while connecting devices are reduced, too: M8 connectors specially designed for EtherCAT P prevent false connections via mechanical coding and provide reliable connectivity.

Can I start now with implementing EtherCAT P?

Yes. All necessary documents and information to start with the implementation of EtherCAT P are available for our members and are enhanced continuously. When it comes to EtherCAT P our members can count on the support of our team – the same way they are used to with EtherCAT.