Sponsoring ETG member companies
(in alphabetical order)


acontis technologies GmbH

Acontis technologies is a leading provider for EtherCAT Technology, Windows real-time software and Real-Time Virtualization/Hypervisor Technology. Our company is known for high quality products „Made in Germany“. Our portfolio is completed by providing complementary Training-, Support- and Software Services. Many blue chip customers world-wide use our products. In the fast growing EtherCAT market acontis technologies GmbH has achieved a leading position, we are well known as a highly competent EtherCAT specialist. At a very early stage we recognized the big potential behind this technology; as early as in 2004 we had started development of our EtherCAT master stack software. Today we provide a complete portfolio of EtherCAT products to our customers. We are an active member in the EtherCAT Technology Group, attend all Technical Committee Meetings and thus we are always up-to-date concerning the latest EtherCAT technology developments. Many very important companies in the Industrial Automation market are already using our master stack solution (see also our references). We are the perfect partner for customers who want to use the EtherCAT technology in their products, on the master part, on the tools part as well as on the slave part.

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Beckhoff Nederland

Beckhoff levert en implementeert open automatiseringssystemen gebaseerd op PC-compatibele besturingstechnologie. Het productenpakket omvat Industrie PC's, veldbuscomponenten, besturingssoftware en aandrijftechniek. De componenten en systemen van Beckhoff worden over de gehele wereld gebruikt bij een grote verscheidenheid aan toepassingen, lopend van 'high-speed' machines tot intelligente gebouwenbeheersystemen. Beckhoff heeft met zijn “New Automation Technology”, een standaard gecreëerd voor alle sectoren van industrie automatisering.


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Elecgator is a technology company located in Beringen, Belgium. The name “Elecgator” is a portmanteau of electronics and integrator. Elecgator develops the customers idea when electronics is involved. With many years of experience in electronic product design elecgator is familiar with the latest developments. Although mostly newly develop hardware and software are used, elecgator frankly selects the best technology for the solution. Elecgator wil develop new hardware and software for a solution only when it is benifiecary for the solution, otherwise existing hardware and software will be used.




The business areas of Festo are automation with pneumatic and electric components and systems as well as basic and vocational training in industrial automation. Main product groups are valve terminals with field bus/Ethernet, drives, handling and vacuum technology, positioning, valves, proportional technology, compressed-air preparation, tubing, fittings, sensors and pressure switches, pneumatic control technology, electronic control technology. Festo is innovator and market leader in intelligent pneumatics and valve terminals.




IntervalZero is a software company specialized in real time operating systems. Its core product, RTX64, transforms Microsoft Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS). More recently, IntervalZero has released KINGSTAR, a unique Machine Automation platform for building smart machine controllers that are capable of delivering on the promise of Industry 4.0. Built on the EtherCAT standard and RTX64, KINGSTAR empowers engineers to design, develop and integrate applications with motion control, machine vision and PLC…with some unique and key features. Using a single industrial PC, you can replace all hardware with software-only, quickly and cost effectively.







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