Preliminary Agenda

Inscription: 8.30
Start of seminar: 9.00
End of seminar: 16.15

Speakers: Fieldbus- and Ethernet-Experts from the EtherCAT Technology Group and sponsoring ETG member companies. Presentations will be held in Dutch or English language. The time schedule, order and titles of presentations may vary.

Speed Dates: Feel free to use the chance to meet one of the EtherCAT experts at a speed date (request via online registration form) during the event!


Inscription and welcome coffee, table-top exhibition


EtherCAT adoption rate: Members, products, vendors
See how ETG membership and EtherCAT evolves worldwide
Oliver Fels, EtherCAT Technology Group


EtherCAT technology highlights and benefits: From Ethernet to EtherCAT
Removing the bottlenecks with EtherCAT: processing on the fly! A primer on EtherCAT, how it works, key functional principles, integrated safety and performance data compared to the competition.
Oliver Fels, EtherCAT Technology Group


Installation and diagnosis: How to build and maintain an EtherCAT network
A overview of the outstanding diagnostic features of the EtherCAT master and slaves, and how they can be used in systems for maximizing uptime, minimizing downtime, and assisting with troubleshooting a network.
Dr. Guido Beckmann, EtherCAT Technology Group


Coffee break, table-top exhibition, ask the experts


EtherCAT Simulation - How does EtherCAT get into the digital twin?
Gerhard Stocker, acontis technologies


EtherCAT application case
Beckhoff Automation


Your own EtherCAT slave: When & how
Dr.-Ing. Robin Theunis, Elecgator

  How to build modular machine automation based on Plug&Play EtherCAT stack
Yves de la Broise, IntervalZero

Native cross platform connectivity
Robin van Eijk and Florèn van Olden, Festo

  Hardt Hyperloop: Application of EtherCAT technology in Europe's first hyperloop


Lunch, Table Top Exhibition, Ask the Experts


EtherCAT in the Semiconductor Industry
EtherCAT is growing rapidly in the Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing industry – including Photovoltaics and LED manufacturing
Oliver Fels, EtherCAT Technology Group


The future today: how EtherCAT enables the digital transformation
How EtherCAT fits in with the concepts of Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Learn about EtherCAT and TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), which enables real-time communication for heterogeneous environments.
Dr. Guido Beckmann, EtherCAT Technology Group


What’s next? EtherCAT G + G10
EtherCAT G offers the next performance level for high-performance machines and data-intensive applications. Parallel processing of segments enables significantly reduced propagation delay times with full EtherCAT compatibility and integration of 100 MBit/s EtherCAT devices.
Dr. Guido Beckmann, EtherCAT Technology Group


Coffee break, table-top exhibition, ask the experts


How to use EtherCAT for winning business
How do the EtherCAT features translate into sales success for machine builders and help end users to achieve their goals. This presentation contains application examples from around the world and shows the practical impact of EtherCAT.
Oliver Fels, EtherCAT Technology Group






Dates and locations:

March 17 | Eindhoven
High Tech Campus Eindhoven

March 18 | Enschede
Hotel van der Valk


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