Conformance and Interoperability are very important factors for the success of a communication technology. Therefore the EtherCAT Technology Group is taking these topics very seriously. Conformance of the technology implementation with the specifications is the pre-requisite of interoperability, which means that devices of different manufacturers co-operate within the same networked application.

In order to achieve both, the ETG initially started with a pragmatic approach: the EtherCAT Plug Fests. In addition to these interoperability meetings there is the Conformance Test Tool (CTT). For product certification official EtherCAT Test Centers (ETC) have been established. The Technical Committee of the ETG established the Technical Working Group Conformance, which defines the test procedures and in particular works on enhancing the test cases.

The following links provide essential details about the topics conformance, interoperability and certification. Relevant documents, such as specifications, guidelines and policies are listed on the right side.

Info for EtherCAT Device Vendors

How to develop an EtherCAT slave device?

What are the benefits of certification?

How can I contribute to the topic conformance actively?

Info for EtherCAT Device User or OEM

What is an "official conformance tested" product?

What are the benefits of certification?

Where can I buy certified devices?


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Test Request

Test Center

Test Tool

Test Version

Test Exceptions

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