is the open real-time Ethernet network originally developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.
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EtherCAT Technology Group

The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
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ETG News

EtherCAT Seminar Series in Australia & New Zealand (Oct 2018)

Aug 2018 | Again, we are inviting everybody interested to the free-of-charge Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series, taking place from Oct 19 to 26, 2018 at selected premium venues in Australia and New Zealand. More...

South African Breakfast Seminars

Aug 2018 | Together with our media partner Technews Publishing (Pty) Ltd. we cordially invite everyone interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet and especially EtherCAT to participate in our EtherCAT seminar series 2018, taking place from Oct 10 to Oct 17, 2018, at exclusive venues in South Africa. More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series Brazil

Aug 2018 | We cordially invite you to participate in this exclusive ETG Seminar Series in Brasil 2018, taking place Sep 11 (São Caetano do Sul/SP), Sep 12 (Sorocaba/SP), Sep 18 (São Leopoldo/RS) and Sep 20 (Rio de Janeiro/RJ). More...

ETG meets for 2018 Global Strategy Meeting

Jul 2018 | In June 2018, the global team of EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) met for the biennial ETG Global Strategy Meeting in Leinburg, near Nuremberg, Germany. More...

ETG exhibits at IAMD (Beijing) in Hall 1-20

May 2018 | ETG exhbits at IAMD - Integrated Automation Motion & Drives Beijing tradeshow from May 9-11 in Hall 1-20. The ETG Joint Booth shows various EtherCAT products and solutions from more than 20 different companies. More...

EtherCAT Seminar in Hamburg on May 15, 2018!

May 2018 | We cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet, Industrie 4.0, TSN, and especially EtherCAT to participate in an exclusive EtherCAT Seminar at 'Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club' in Hamburg, Germany, on May 15, 2018. More...

EtherCAT Approach Supported by Key TSN Switch Vendors

Apr 2018 | The approach to TSN as introduced by the EtherCAT Technology Group is now supported by key TSN technology providers and major switch manufacturers: Moxa, Hirschmann, Hilscher and Xilinx will all implement the EtherCAT TSN stream adaptation functionality in their TSN switches and infrastructure products. This will allow users to directly connect EtherCAT slave devices and entire networks to heterogeneous TSN domains without any change or modification to the EtherCAT devices. More...

Join our EtherCAT Seminar in Istanbul!

Apr 2018 | It is our great pleasure to invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet and especially EtherCAT to participate in our free-of-charge Seminar in Turkey, taking place in Istanbul on Wednesday, May 9. More...

ETG @ Hannover Messe 2018

Apr 2018 | At Hannover Messe 2018 we present EtherCAT technology together with 70 co-exhibitors in hall 9, stand D18. Our ETG Joint Booth impresses with record-breaking 500 products and solutions with EtherCAT. More...

EtherCAT Roadshow SEA in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & Malaysia

Mar 2018 | We invite all interested end users and system integrators to the free of charge Industrial Ethernet Seminars SEA at venues in Singapore (March 21), Thailand (March 23), Vietnam (March 26) and Malaysia (March 27 & 28). More...

Latest Product Entries

EtherCAT Flexslice System

Aug 2018 | Trio’s Flexslice input/output modules provide a robust, high speed and flexible solution for both motion control and general automation.

Flex-6 Nano Integrated EtherCAT Controller

Aug 2018 | Powerful, compact and flexible, the Flex-6 Nano from Trio Motion Technology is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion.

Kuhnke FIO Controller 116

Jul 2018 | The new modular PLC Kuhnke FIO Controller from Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is a powerful and flexible industrial control with motion functionality. CODESYS SoftMotion CNC + Robotics runs on the CPU with typical dynamic kinematics and CNC interpolation.


Jul 2018 | The ECOMPACT® 60E by JAT is a decentral servo drive with an integrated servo amplifier for torque/force, speed and positioning control.


Jul 2018 | ClipX – The Precise and Easy-to-Integrate Industrial Signal Conditioner from HBM.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion

Jul 2018 | Develop & Deliver Real-Time PC-Based Motion Control Positioning Systems Quickly and Affordably with Industrial Grade Software.


Jul 2018 | Integrate Customized Motion Control on an Auto-Configured EtherCAT-Enabled Windows PC Framework.


Jul 2018 | Replace your Hardware PLC with an EtherCAT-enabled Software PLC for Real-Time Motion Control and Machine Vision.

KINGSTAR Machine Automation Platform

Jul 2018 | KINGSTAR's complete “Plug-and-Play” Software Platform for Real-Time, PC-Based Motion Control, PLC & Machine Vision Applications.

IntervalZero RTX64

Jul 2018 | IntervalZero’s RTX64 and RTX transform Windows into a Real-time operating system (RTOS).

ES951 e-CORE

Jul 2018 | "ES951 e-CORE" of HSD is the first smart Electrospindle designed and manufactured for the woodworking sector. Discover all the certified technology capabilities of Industry 4.0 ready.

D-Series laser distance sensor

Jul 2018 | The D-Series Dimetix Laser Distance Sensors are at the forefront of our continuous development and innovation.


Jul 2018 | ASIX Electronics Corp. announces an AX58100 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller with two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs and integrated PWM/Increamental (ABZ)/Hall Encoder/SPI Master controllers to provide system developers a cost-effective EtherCAT slave controller solution.

ProNumeric OP 50 M

May 2018 | Optimized human-machine interaction from Schleicher Electronic Berlin employing the EtherCAT® real-time field bus systems, combined in one single hand-held control device, finally makes it possible to connect said device to the controls of different manufacturers.

SS-EC StepSERVO™ Drives and Motors

Apr 2018 | StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper technology enables these motor and drive systems to outperform conventional open loop stepper motors in terms of torque, acceleration, efficiency, smoothness, and more - from Applied Motion Products.


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