MicroNode™ I/O Compact Networked I/O

Analog/Digital I/O, with cLogic™ Control Engine for EtherCAT

The MicroNode™ I/O product line provides a high density, compact and economical I/O solution for popular EtherCAT, legacy fieldbus communication systems and Ethernet based fieldbus networks. Additionally, the Ethernet versions contain cLogic™, an on-board C-compiler to handle the distribution of real-time logic tasks. Micronode™I/O products reduce network and main controller bandwidth limits by offloading time critical tasks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Built-in cLogic™ compiler - allow low level sequence execution, I/O ramping and limited filtering.
  • A mixture of Digital and Analog I/O - makes selection of a cost-effective product easy.
  • The MicroNode™ I/O package design and options - makes installation flexible.
  • IP 61 rated - works in harsh industrial environments.
  • Embedded web servers - a graphical user interface for setup and diagnostics with a web browser.


Fieldbus gateway for a direct I/O activated device (such as power supplies, generators, manifolds)


MicroNode™ EtherCAT Combo: 8 DIO configurable SNK/SRC, 8 AI points (16-bit, +/-10V), and 4 AO points (16-bit, +/- 10V).


MicroNode™ I/O Compact Networked I/O



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