Since its establishment in 1963, The MISUMI Group has acted a “behind-the-scenes” role for supporting manufacturing industry in global. One of The MISUMI Group’s achievements was the standardization of press die components by means of innovative catalog sales operations. It has continued to grow by providing the products customers require with high quality, low cost, and short delivery periods. The MISUMI Group’s innovation and foresight have led to a unique business model and organizational model that have earned high evaluations and are continuing to inspire other world companies to undertake important innovations. In line with its slogan “It’s all about TIME”, MISUMI is making relentless efforts each day to achieve further increases in customer satisfaction and management efficiency. MISUMI is continually evolving its QCT Model for concurrently optimizing quality(Q), cost(C), and time(T) factors, as well as applying innovative ordering procedures to provide powerful support for manufacturing industries in the world.