JBT is a leading global supplier of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems which provide unmanned, routine movement of palletized materials to support facility operation. JBT’s AGV systems are used in manufacturing plants and warehouses to store and retrieve materials, deliver raw materials, move work-in-process and finished goods and remove waste. These systems reduce costs (labor and damage), improve safety and increase operational efficiency with on-time delivery and movement of the correct materials. JBT has over 25 years’ experience supplying AGVs and has a broad set of standard vehicle types. Custom AGVs can be developed to solve unique material handling challenges. All systems are very flexible and scalable so that change and grow as the facility requirements change.

JBT Food & Dairy Systems

Main activities of JBT Food & Dairy Systems are the development, production and supply of integrated processing and filling lines for the dairy, juice, food processing and pharmaceutical (neutraceutical) industries. JBT Food & Dairy Systems are continuously expanding their experience and expertise in the areas of (aseptic) filling, (UHT) processing, plastic bottle making and packaging technology of liquid food products.