EtherCAT Seminar | Taiwan

EtherCAT Seminar | Taiwan

Date: Feb 18, 2020
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Venue: Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel
Type: Seminar
Further information:

To provide a better understanding of hot topics in the global automation industry, EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) will present an informative EtherCAT event in Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.), on February 18, 2020.

Traditional fieldbus systems are showing their limitations today as new fieldbus technologies are appearing that promise to provide higher performance and more support for Internet protocols. Automation system users have to decide if, when and how to adopt these next-generation networks. EtherCAT is advancing its technology with EtherCAT G.

These half-day afternoon seminars (13:00 - 17:00) are free of charge and a great chance to get learn about EtherCAT technology. Participants can discover how EtherCAT could generate performance and competitive advantages.

This seminar specifically addresses end users, system integrators, OEMs, product manager, decision makers and device manufacturers to learn about EtherCAT and Industrial Ethernet, but also the latest trends like Industry 4.0, IoT and EtherCAT G.

The event is supported by Beckhoff Automation.