05/2011 |

TECHNO-FRONTIER 2011, which takes place on June 20-21 in TOKYO BIG SIGHT, Japan, is an advanced electronic & mechatronic devices and components exhibition. EtherCAT Technology Group has expanded the exhibition scale by 1.5 times from last year to join this exhibition. Stop by at our ETG Joint Booth at "Booth No. 1E-001", located in front of the entrance of East 1 Hall.

The wide range of products made in Japan or supported in Japan will be exhibited, including hardware and software of PC/PLC/PAC master, robot, AC servo system, I/O terminal, inverter, valve, sensor, slave module, slave controller and development kit. Please obtain detailed information on the advantage of EtherCAT, the "global open network gaining on high speed and high precision control", and the ETG membership application.

In addition, we will hold a seminar from 13:40 on the 20th of July. We will present details of “the latest technology and specification trend of EtherCAT in the ETG Headquarters, as well as the merit of the system manufacturer and end-user developed by the fine technology and the introduction of EtherCAT”, which would be of great interest to every Japanese users and vendors. The attendance is free of charge. Please feel free to join the seminar (approx. 70 attendees a day on a first-come-first-served basis).