SCF - System Control Fair 2011

11/2011 |

SCF tradeshow, taking place Nov 16-18 in Tokyo, Japan, offers latest technical information on systems in the fields of automatization and control for the manufacturing industries, such as those for factory automation. ETG booth (West Hall 2-27) shows the wide range of products made in Japan or supported in Japan, including hardware and software of PC/PLC/PAC masters, robots, AC servo systems, I/O terminals, inverters, valves, sensors, slave modules, slave controllers and development kits. Please obtain detailed information on the advantage of EtherCAT, the "global open network gaining on high speed and high precision control" as well as ETG membership application.

In addition, ETG will hold a seminar from 15:30 on the 17th of Nov. Presentation title is "Latest technology and specification trends of EtherCAT worldwide". The attendance is free of charge. Please feel free to join the seminar (approx. 80 attendees on a first-come-first-serve basis).