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EtherCAT Approach Supported by Key TSN Switch Vendors

04/2018 | The approach to TSN as introduced by the EtherCAT Technology Group is now supported by key TSN technology providers and major switch manufacturers: Moxa, Hirschmann, Hilscher and Xilinx will all implement the EtherCAT TSN stream adaptation functionality in their TSN switches and infrastructure products. This will allow users to directly connect EtherCAT slave devices and entire networks to heterogeneous TSN domains without any change or modification to the EtherCAT devices.

In November 2017 the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) was the first major fieldbus organization to publish a TSN profile that specifies how EtherCAT will make use of TSN technologies. Because EtherCAT uses TSN streams for deterministic communication through heterogeneous network environments it is used where it makes the most sense: above the EtherCAT segments. This means that all the high-performance features of EtherCAT are fully preserved, and EtherCAT devices do not have to be modified for TSN at all. The TSN stream adaptation feature that connects the EtherCAT segment to the TSN network can be placed in the TSN switch or in the first EtherCAT device. Now, key TSN technology providers are announcing their support for this approach.

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