The linear transport system from Beckhoff.

Two proven drive principles – combined into a new drive technology. With the XTS (eXtended Transport System) linear transport system, Beckhoff presents a drive solution that’s like no other solution before – because it combines the advantages of two well-known drive principles in a single system. Where the possibilities to use rotary motors had previously ended, XTS adds the advantages of a linear system. And where the range of use of purely linear systems has been limited so far, XTS supplements the benefits of a rotary solution. Special needs require special solutions, and that’s the reason why the fully encapsulated XTS Hygienic version and the XTS Black Line were developed to complement the XTS Standard.

XTS Standard:
The standard version of the XTS system already offers a full range of exceptional benefits: With extremely variable geometries from straight and open to a variety of different closed configurations and a unique drive concept, it makes highly compact and invididual solutions possible.

XTS Black Line:
The motor module versions can do without drill holes in the upper profiles, which makes them easier to clean. They can be used for guide rails that do not have to be screwed onto the motor modules.

XTS Hygienic:
The fully encapsulated stainless steel version in IP 69K is designed to meet the special hygienic requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries as all surfaces are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.




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