ECOMPACT® 23E Compact Servo Drive

The ECOMPACT compact drive by Jenaer Antriebstechnik features digital current, speed, and position control with position, speed and torque limiting. Comprehensive motion control functionality is integrated. Thus, depending on the application a higher-level controller can be omitted. Parameterization and setpoint setting is carried out via EtherCAT.

Furthermore, the ECOMPACT provides the following features:

  • Digital filter functions effective on resonant loads
  • Jerk filters optimize the motion profiles
  • Limit switch and reference sensor evaluation, various homing modes
  • Short-circuit, voltage, temperature, encoder, tracking error, and i2xt monitoring
  • Intelligent control of a holding brake with automatic voltage reduction
  • General purpose digital I/Os
  • Restart lockout via second enable input
  • Readiness for operation message via digital output
  • Free programmable sequences for realisation of individual control and operation concepts
  • ECO Studio: convenient Windows-based user interface for commissioning and parameterization supported by wizards.

Compared to a solution where the servo amplifiers are located in a central cabinet, decentral compact servo drives have some advantages:

  • Less cabling effort
  • Smaller cabinet
  • Minimizing of error sources
  • Commissioning is faster and more simple
  • Lower price because of integration.

ECOMPACT 23E is based on our well-proven Ecostep motors series 23S:

  • Encoder commutated multi-pole synchronous motor
  • NEMA 23 flange (56,2 mm)
  • Stall torque: 0,77 Nm to 2,30 Nm
  • Rated torque: 0,4 Nm to 0,98 Nm
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC to 60 VDC
  • Position feedback via incremental encoder, resolution 128 000 inc/rev. or absolute value encoder, resolution 17-bit/rev and 12-bit revolutions.


ECOMPACT® 23E Compact Servo Drive


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