Sioux Technologies

Sioux Embedded Systems

Sioux Technologies has all the expertise to contribute to the maximum success of high-tech products and production systems. Sioux’s strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences in software, mechanics, optics, physics, mechatronics, electronics, mathware, system integration and IoT solutions. With more than 800 engineers Sioux supports or forms the R&D department of leading high-tech companies. From creating ideas in the conceptual phase up to the delivery of serial production. Sioux wants to add value to its clients and build innovative solutions that can contribute to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable.

Sioux CCM

Sioux CCM, founded in 1969, is an independent research and development company and has a long experience in inventing original concepts but is also capable of realizing the entire development process up to a finished product or installed production equipment. Sioux CCM integrates know-how in the fields of mechanical engineering, (opto-)physics, electrical and electronic engineering and information technology. Development is professional and enables to control the costs for realizing functionality, performance and time to market.