Manufacturing Data Systems (MDSI)

MDSI develops and delivers standard and customized factory automation solutions to manufacturers and OEMs worldwide via MDSI Ventures, LLC. MDSI revolutionized the CNC industry with the world’s first unbundled software CNC not requiring any proprietary hardware or motion control cards. Since 1993, thousands of machines have logged tens of millions of production hours in applications ranging from general motion to 2-axis lathes, grinders, gear hobs, to complex 5-axis high-speed machines.

MDSI Ventures

MDSI Ventures LLC extends the mission of the original MDSI CNC code by providing new features and capabilities to true PC based soft motion control. The company has added robotic kinematics and advanced motion control algorithms to provide a unique single HMI solution to multiple machine/process configurations. Its recent applications include sophisticated defense machining methods, university research tools, vision-guided robotic food processing and laser control of machining and material treatment.