FS-I/O OCP2101

OCP2xxx stands for „Operator Control Panel of second generation“ and is a custom FS-I/O as FSoE Slave. The FS-I/O completes the new safety drive systems from ACD with EtherCAT and FSoE Protocol.

On the FS-I/O there can be connected active and passive safety sensors as well as depending on the assembly variant one handwheel and one encoder.

The FS-I/O allows with the safety control FS-PLC03 together the selection of safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 (STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SBC) with Safety over EtherCAT.


  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Safety related parameters

  • FS-I/O Category 3, PL d according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Power Supply: SELV or PELV 24 V DC
  • Supply of safety actors: SELV or PELV 24 V DC
  • Mounting on control cabinet with IP54; screw fastener on electrically conductive and earthing mounting plate
  • Communication modules: EtherCAT, USB, SD-Card

Safety-I/O (dual-channel)

  • 16 Digital 24V-SI-Inputs, 4 Analog SI-Inputs (12 bits) (-10 V to + 10 V)
  • 8 Digital 24V-SI-Outputs, 1 Handwheel, 1 Encoder

Supported position encoders

  • Resolver, Hiperface, sine/cosine encoder

Standard-I/O (single-channel)

  • 8 Digital 24V-Inputs; 2 Analog inputs (12 bits) (-10 V to + 10 V)
  • 8 Digital 24V-Outputs


FS-I/O OCP2101


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