TU3-ECT module for SK 500E

The modular decentralised frequency converter

With the frequency converters in the SK 500E product range NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is providing modular and intelligent drive solutions in graduated equipment variants for Installation in control cabinets. They are suitable for many application areas and can be easily adapted to specific requirements using the EtherCAT conformance tested plug-in option module TU3-ECT. The SK 500E frequency converters can therefore communicate with all of the most popular controllers via different bus systems (such as EtherCAT). The range of functions ranges from classical V/f control via a sensor-less current vector controller, high-quality speed control with encoder feedback to motion control functions such as positioning or synchronous applications. At the maximum performance level the integrated PLC functionality provides the possibility of implementing sequence control close to the drive in the frequency converter. Furthermore, the frequency converters of the SK 500E series can operate both asynchronous induction motors and permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM).




TU3-ECT module for SK 500E




Conformance tested