Preliminary Agenda

Inscription: 9:00
End of Seminar: 15:30

Speakers: Fieldbus- and Ethernet-Expert Mr. Martin Rostan, Executive Director from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG); supporting company Beckhoff India. Presentations will be held in Hindi or English language. The order and titles of presentations may vary.


Inscription & Welcome


From Ethernet to EtherCAT: why change a winning team?
Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director
A detailed look at Ethernet, and particularly Internet technologies, and what properties do and do not fit in automation systems.


EtherCAT technology: getting things right
Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director
A primer on EtherCAT, how it works, key functional principles, and performance data compared to the competition.


Tea Break, Hands on Demo @ Table Top Exhibition


EtherCAT, TSN, OPC, IoT and Industry 4.0
Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director
How EtherCAT enables the digital transformation in the context of TSN, OPC, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0


EtherCAT Testimonial References
Ajey Phatak, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Beckhoff Automation


Lunch, Hands on Demo @ Table Top Exhibition


Generating Business Success with EtherCAT: how system integrators, machine builders and end users benefit
Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director
A collection of EtherCAT applications, what the challenges were, and how EtherCAT helped to solve the automation challenges.




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