NXIO Board

One Board for all Networks

Like for fieldbus systems, Ethernet based communication systems provides different solutions and have their specific technically approaches. Device manufacturers need to make themselves familiar with the new technology, evaluate pros and cons of each system and decide what can be used best for their application or product.

In some instances, the market makes the decision and the device manufacturer is forced to create test scenarios with multiple network nodes in a real-world system.

The slave devices used in this network should be easy to use, inexpensive and flexible like the NXIO board. The NXIO is a digital IO board for all Ethernet based fieldbus system and utilizes networX on chip. It is easy configurable through an exchangeable MMC card.


  • IO board for all Real-Time Ethernet systems
  • Easy configurable through MMC Card
  • Ideal for evaluating different Ethernet systems or building test assemblies


NXIO Board