Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor ZW Series

The ZW Series is a non-contact displacement sensor with a new white light confocal principle that enables remarkably compact size and high-resolution measurements.

In recent years, manufacturing equipment is becoming smaller and higher precision, so there is a growing demand for downsizing of devices to be incorporated in it. In addition to compact size, noise countermeasures for drive devices and stable measurements without being affected by materials, colors, or inclination of objects are required for displacement sensors. The ZW Series is a non-contact high-resolution displacement sensor with a newly-developed white light confocal principle to respond to these demands. Connection with controllers and drive devices, such as servomotors, via EtherCAT enables flexible, high-speed machine control.


  • Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight sensor head: 24 x 24 x 64 mm and only 105g
  • Sensor heads with low impact on operating environment: no noise or heat generation
  • Stable measurement from the same mounting position even for different materials
  • Easy shape profile generation and error isolation by linking measured height information and encoder coordinates XY


  • Power supply voltage:21.6 to 26.4 VDC (including ripple)
  • External interface: EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP™, EtherNet, RS-232C, Analog output, Parallel I/O
  • Measurement cycle: 500μs to 10ms
  • Measuring range: 7±0.3mm, 20±1mm, 30±3mmn, 40±6mm
  • Static resolution: 0.25μm




Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor ZW Series



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