netX 4000

The netX 4000 from Hilscher enables more integration in a smaller space to fulfill the requirements of the industrial automation market.

The design brings together a Cortex®-A9 dual-core processor with an infrastructure for highly advanced user applications and a Cortex®-R7 processor with an underlying netX technology for real-time industrial communications and applications.

Therefore, the netX 4000 from Hilscher is the ideal system-on-chip (SoC) for your automation platform in the field of visualization, industrial control, and real-time communication.

The Cortex®-A9 dual-core, with up to 3000 DMIPS, caches and external memory interfaces, is most suitable for general purpose operating systems (GPOS) such as Linux. The enhanced connectivity is shared by all Cortex® processors and grants access to USB 2.0, PCI Express® Base 2, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The implemented security unit provides a set of cryptographic algorithms for secure boot and secure communication.

The concurrent, dual LCD option features one high-end version with 2D acceleration and one additional lower resolutions interface.

The Cortex®-R7, with its 1000 DMIPS real-time profile and dedicated low latency SRAM, is used for the real-time operating system (RTOS) and embedded protocol stacks from Hilscher. The xC subsystem, with its inherent flexibility, interfaces traditional Fieldbus technologies and all major Real-Time Ethernet systems, and supports in use with other on-chip resources the provision of gateway and port-switch functions.

596-pin PBGA, 27x27 mm2, 1.0 mm Ball
420-pin PBGA, 23x23 mm2, 1.0 mm Ball


netX 4000



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