ECM – Ethernet Control Module

The ECM is the latest in the line of next generation programmable automation controllers. With the ability to handle detailed execution tasks through the cLogic engine, neatly manage I/O via the custom distribution board, and run certified programmable safety interlocks, the ECM is a one stop shop for your automation and control requirements. The compact footprint ECM allows you to save 15-40% on your automation and control costs versus other solutions, giving you a competitive edge.


  • Easily expandable with additional I/O of existing type or dedicated modules such as temperature controller, over temperature controller, stepper motor controller
  • Available with variety of field busses or with custom protocol (including EtherCAT and other Industrial Ethernet variants)
  • Up to 210 Bi-directional, isolated digital channels with built in over current and over temperature protection.
  • Up to 32 Multi range, differential analog inputs.
  • Up to 16 Multi range analog outputs suitable for high capacitive loads.
  • 48x32 Safety compliant input and outputs.
  • 2 expansion slots for use with 3rd party or MKS' supplied cards.
  • 3 serial ports with built in Ethernet/DeviceNet™ to serial gateway functionality.
  • Built in Ethernet switch.

On-board Applications:


ECM – Ethernet Control Module



MKS Instruments, Inc.

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