Data acquisition card - netSCOPE

Process data acquisition is used in may application segments. Especially for condition monitoring and process documentation the precise capture of the process value trend is a key task. National Instruments LabVIEW provides a mighty and comprehensive solution for these applications. Using the netSCOPE data acquisition card enables an easy capture of measurement values for further processing within LabVIEW.

Measurement values are captured directly from the transmitted process data frames. This allows also the cost-effective extension of existing plants because there is no need in adapting the PLC software.
Implementing the measurement application with a netSCOPE device is thereby fast and easy to realize. The device is plugged into the automation network as a passive participator. In LabVIEW only a few steps are needed to acquire process data in a format commonly used in such applications.

Generally, all transported data is recorded from the network, completed with an exact time-stamp representing the time of acquisition. Data is sampled communication-cycle accurate. Therefore a complete and gap-less process data image with history is always available.

With netSCOPE for LabVIEW input and output process data of the PLC are recorded directly from the automation network and provided to LabVIEW for further processing. These additional metrics provide new interesting possibilities for condition monitoring, automated testing and visualization systems.


  • Data acquisiton directly from the network
  • No modification of PLC necessary
  • Process documentation
  • Visualization
  • Diagnosis


Data acquisition card - netSCOPE



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