Communication Modules - comX

Flexible Communication Module for automation

comX is a complete network interface in the standardized compact dimension of 30 mm x 70 mm. It is based on netX 100 network controller and contains all network specific components, like 2-Port Switch, Hub and connector.

Data exchange to the host is carried out via 16kByte Dual-Port Memory and all major Real-Time Ethernet protocols are supported as Master or Slave on a single hardware.


  • All major network protocols as Master and Slave
  • Dual-Port-Memory with 8/16 bit data bus to the host
  • Single hardware for all Real-Time-Ethernet protocols
  • Complete communication device including network specific connection
  • PROFINET IRT device with fiber-optics pursuant AIDA
  • Ready to use, due to preloaded firmware
  • One design for all networks due to consistent interfaces and tools

Product Overview  
Article Number Description
COMX 100CA-RE/ECM 1531.100/ECM Communication Module CA-Type
with EtherCAT Master Firmware & Master License
COMX 100CA-RE/ECS 1531.100/ECS Communication Module CA-Type
with EtherCAT Slave Firmware
COMX 100CN-RE/ECM 1532.100/ECM Communication Module CN-Type
with EtherCAT Master Firmware & Master License
COMX 100CA-RE/ECS 1532.100/ECS Communication Module CN-Type
with EtherCAT Slave Firmware


Communication Modules - comX



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