Preliminary Agenda

Inscription: 8.30
End of Seminar: 13.15

Speakers: Fieldbus- and Ethernet-Experts from the EtherCAT Technology Group and supporting ETG companies. Note: The order and titles of presentations may vary.


Inscription & Welcome


Removing the bottlenecks: Processing on the fly
EtherCAT technology overview and introduction

A look at Ethernet, and particularly Internet technologies, and what properties do and do not fit in automation systems, followed by a primer on EtherCAT, how it works, key functional principles, and performance data compared to the competition.
Mr. Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director, EtherCAT Technology Group


Industrie 4.0 and IoT today, not tomorrow:
How EtherCAT enables the digital transformation

HHow EtherCAT enables the digital transformation in the context of TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), OPC, IoT and Industrie 4.0.
Mr. Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director, EtherCAT Technology Group


Coffee & Tea Break, Table Top Exhibition, Ask the Experts


Machine Vision and Predictive Maintenance over EtherCAT*
Mr. Simon You, Director of ADLINK Automation Product Center, ADLINK


EtherCAT Application Presentation
Mr. Quah Boon Seng, Industry Manager | Factory Automation, BECKHOFF Automation


Successful stories of Sanyo Denki EtherCAT product*
Mr Tang Chee Tuck, Marketing Manager, Sanyo Denki Singapore


Efficiency result with EtherCAT
Mr. Avren CH'NG Pey Joon, Senior Engineer | Business Development, ViE Technologies


User benefits: Winning customers with EtherCAT
How do the EtherCAT features translate into sales success for machine builders and help end users to achieve their goals. This presentation contains application examples from around the world and shows the practical impact of EtherCAT.
Mr. Martin Rostan, ETG Executive Director, EtherCAT Technology Group


Q&A, Wrap-up


Lunch (optional)

*Penang only


Dates and Locations

11 March 2019
Grand Paragon Hotel
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

13 March 2019
Olive Tree Hotel
Penang, Malaysia


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