The device cloud is a crucial part of the Schildknecht Industry 4.0 solution. It monitors and manages connected devices (machines & sensors), and ensures that they are secure and performing at their best. On top of that, the device cloud integrates with enterprise systems. The device cloud lowers operation costs of IoT networks by simplifying key functions, like deployment of new devices, remote diagnostics, updates and upgrades etc. While a DATAEAGLE gateway collects data from sensors and machinery at the edge of the network and passes it on, the device cloud works on another level. It is essential for efficient managing of IoT devices. Without the device cloud we would have to perform the time consuming and costly task of connecting every single device or sensor directly to the (cloud) system. The device cloud does that for us, ensuring simple scalability, and fast integration of devices into the network. The main interface to other systems is through the standardized RESTful API.

Primarily it does a complex set of functionalities of the system, like firmware updates, eSIM cards, security alerts etc. The data that is received from the gateways via mobile radio, using highest security standards available. The DATAEAGLE Portal comes in one system with the IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 that has a fieldbus interface such as Ethercat. Together it allows for a remote monitoring solution for machines and sensors.