CTDR-0514ES-2LS / CTDR-0514ES-4LS

CTDR-0514ES-2LS / CTDR-0514ES-4LS is a 5-phase 2-axis and 4-axis stepper motor driver which built-in motor control function.


  • We have newly added 2 axis specification (CTDR-0514ES-2LS).
  • Motor can be controlled by simply using the I/O control (PDO or SDO is also applicable) from Ethercat master.
  • Speed/movement can be set in Trapezoidal or SIN acceleration/deceleration control.
  • Synchronizing start or linear/circular/consecutive interpolation drive control is possible.
  • Driving current can be used for each axis from 0.35A , 0.75A ,1.4A of this 3 types.
  • It is applicable to micro stepper driver that can be divided up to 250 (16 types).
  • Power input is DC24V.
  • It can be controlled by various master machine or software.




CTDR-0514ES-2LS / CTDR-0514ES-4LS




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