emPC-M series

EtherCAT Master Control System

EtherCAT is characterized by outstanding performance, very simple wiring and openness for other protocols. EtherCAT sets new standards where conventional fieldbus systems reach their limits: 1,000 I/Os in 30 μs, optionally twisted pair cable or optical fiber and, thanks to Ethernet and Internet technologies, optimum vertical integration. With EtherCAT, the costly Ethernet star topology can be replaced with a simple line structure – no expensive infrastructure components are required.

Where other real-time Ethernet approaches require special interface hardware in the controller, for EtherCAT masters the on-board Ethernet port is sufficient. EtherCAT is versatile: master-to-slave, slave-to-slave and master-to-master communication is supported. Safety over EtherCAT is available.

EtherCAT makes Ethernet down to the I/O level technically feasible and economically sensible. Full Ethernet compatibility, internet technologies even in very simple devices, maximum utilization of the large bandwidth offered by Ethernet, outstanding real-time characteristics at low costs are outstanding features of this network.

CoDeSys V3 EtherCAT IEC 61131-3 Master Library

  • Powerful real-time ethernet fieldbus solution
  • Makes internet technologies available at the I/O level (Standard Ethernet cables and standard low cost connectors)
  • The EtherCAT master stack can be synchronized with the IEC user task

EtherCAT Field Bus Integration and Configuration directly in CoDeSys

  • Configuration of EtherCAT master and slave parameters
  • Mapping of I/O channels to IEC variables
  • Online diagnostic monitoring of parameter- and I/O channel values

Advantages of the emPC-M + CoDeSys V3

  • The emPC-M series has two build in ethernet ports, one dedicated for the EtherCAT master functionality and the second port provides the connectivity to your LAN
  • No dedicated plug in card with dedicated communication processor required!


emPC-M series


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