SiboDrive is a servo drive of high-tech. Thanks to the high speed control with a 62.5 us control cycle, SiboDrive supports fast and high precision position control. With two channel interface, SiboDrive could drive one or two motors with a lower cost and simaple installation. With a lot of experience on many different machines and reference to IEC standards, SiboDrive is intergrated with a lot of special and useful safety functions.

Technical Features:

  • fast control technology: 62.5 us
  • high-speed EtherCAT system communication: 1ms
  • highly interpolated technology
  • one or two channel: one channel could support the secondary feedback
  • three-phase, 200 to 480 V mains supply. 12 A norminal output per channel
  • simple installation







SIBONAC Laser Technologies Co., Ltd.

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