Schildknecht AG has developed an IoT edge gateway to connect machines via EtherCAT to the cloud. Operating with a globally applicable eSIM card the DATAEAGLE 7050 enables you to network sensors, machinery and production facilities on a global scale. This opens up a range of new application areas, like analysing data in real-time or remote monitoring of facilities and machines to predict component fatigue.

The worldwide connectivity provided by the DATAEAGLE 7050 gives you the opportunity to develop new business models by helping your customers to refine their services, improve their products or reduce operating costs. The gateway itself is designed for cost-effective operation: it pre-processes and minimizes the maschine data it receives to lower transmission costs, sending data at a flat rate, regardless of its location. To secure optimal global operability we have chosen mobile radio, a solution that offers the highest network coverage globally, together with simple and precise billing. The eSIM card automatically selects the best network among 400 providers (Unsteered Roaming). We offer numerous options, like 2G, 3G Europe, 3G world, 4G and Lora. And the gateway comes with an online portal (Device Cloud) that enables you to manage devices and forward data through an API interface to the cloud or to an ERP system.

Interfaces (OPC UA, RestAPI, MQTT, XML, SMS, Twitter, ftp, Email)) to the customer are freely selectable. End-to end encryption ensures maximum data security. IoT Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 speaks the language of all machines. Variuos Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT are available as a gateway interface. This enables measuring machine data in all over the world. As an option, sensors can be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy or additional I/O modules can be connected.