netX HMI modules

netX HMI modules for terminal manufacturer

The 32 bit CPU ARM 926/200 MHz along with the integrated network and LCD controller make the netX chip an ideal platform for machine terminals for low cost applications. Terminal manufacturers developing own machine terminal solutions have to take care about test procedures and test equipment and for the lifetime of the product there are maintenance expenses to think of.

The netX HMI evaluation board is a fast and cost effective alternative to start developing hardware. The board support package (BSP) includes the operating system, which is the base for extensions like Soft PLC and visualization. The functionality of the base board covers everything necessary from electronics to interfaces for future extensions. Based on netX, Hilscher guaranties ten years of supply for compatible products. Besides the own fieldbus stacks and together with partners like 3S and KW Software, Hilscher is able to provide software components for programmable controls and visualization tailored for the netX HMI evaluation board.


  • Base Board with Operating System
  • Visualization Software
  • Soft-PLC
  • Fast 'Time-to-Market'
  • Reduction of 'Total-cost-of-Ownership'
  • Little Development Costs
  • No Risk of Own Development
  • No Interface Problems
  • 10 Years Guaranty of Supply
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Everything from one Manufacturer


netX HMI modules



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