ECOVARIO - the variable system

Because of its big variety of features the ECOVARIO servo drive is the solution for a broad range of motion and drive applications.

The servo amplifier series ECOVARIO covers a peak power range between 1,4 kW and 7,0 kW. Latest member of the family is the ECOVARIO 114 which covers the lower power range up to 1,4 kW.

ECOVARIO is suitable for operation of 2- or 3-phase synchronous servo motors, DC motors and EC motors. ECOVARIO offers a large variety of interfaces and functionality. Standardized field bus options such as EtherCAT and other leading field bus systems ensure a fast system integration. Customer specific enhancements are possible.

ECOVARIO offers the following features:

  • Digital current, speed, and position control with position, speed and torque limiting
  • Position feedback via incremental encoder (RS-422, SINCOS) as well as via absolute value encoder (SSI, BISS, HIPERFACE or EnDat)
  • Simultaneous use of several feedback systems
  • Digital filter functions effective on resonant loads
  • Parameterisable jerk filters for optimization of the motion profiles
  • Short-circuit, voltage, temperature, encoder, tracking error, and i2xt monitoring
  • Parameterisation and setpoint setting via EtherCAT, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and other leading field bus systems
  • Eight digital inputs and three digital outputs
  • Scalable analogue input for any setpoint
  • Intelligent control of a holding brake with automatic voltage reduction
  • Limit switch and reference sensor evaluation, various homing modes
  • Enabling of output stage and reset of fault conditions via digital input
  • Readiness for operation message via digital output
  • Status indication and setting of the field bus node address and baud rate on the front via display and two keys
  • free programmable sequences for realisation of individual control and operation concepts

ECOVARIO has received UL/CSA approbation.

Our technology functions support among others:

  • Synchronization, electronic gear unit
  • Flying cut/Flying saw
  • Winder
  • Register control
  • Marking
  • Labeling
  • Fast position sensing
  • Master synchronous positioning
  • Interpolation via EtherCAT
  • Gantry systems

The ECOVARIO philosophy guarantees perfect control of low-cost steppers with encoder as well as of high-quality servo motors with multiturn encoders.




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