In4Con HU-i35

With the modular scalable In4Con System ANEDO offers the perfect fitted electronic architecture for your mobile machinery. In4con offers a component toolbox that gives customers the possibility to create efficient and cost-optimized small control units as well as high sophisticated system architectures.

The master control units combine the three key-technologies ISOBUS, EtherCAT® and CODESYS to a very flexible, high potential device. The CODESYS integrated EtherCAT®-Master and the In4Con IO-slave-modules help creating a highly flexible io system that can be individually equipment-specific adapted to the machines’ requirements. User friendly library functions in the programming system help to achieve a fast and efficient development of the complete electronic architecture for mobile machinery. The In4Con control unit HU-i35 offers besides its powerful ARM-based processor a well spaced memory equipment, one RS232 and two CAN interfaces. Optionally it offers a web visualization or ISOBUS (ISO11783) functionality integration based on most recent certification standards known from agricultural industry.


In4Con HU-i35




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