DATAEAGLE 2730 is a perfect cable free system, both for sensor manufacturers, machine manufacturers, and end users. The product series consist of two different products: DATAEAGLE Xtreme IO 2730 and DATAEAGLE compact.

The IO distribution box DATEAGLE X-treme IO 2730 gives you the opportunity to transform cabled sensors into “wireless” sensors. If you need to deploy sensors in spaces that are cramped or difficult to reach, or if you work with mobile machinery, it may be the device you need. Together with its counterpart, the DATAEAGLE compact 2730 gateway, it wirelessly integrates sensor measurements into the control unit or into the cloud. The DATAEAGLE 2730 gateway is designed to be the optimal interface between sensors and a control unit. You can choose from a variety of interfaces such as Ethercat as an interface to the plc. It is possible to connect up to 8 devices to the gateway via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You can choose between wireless BLE sensors or DATAEAGLE Xtreme IO.
The gateway and the distribution boxes are pre-configured and work like Plug & Play. The maximum range is up to 70 m with line of sight. The gateway that is placed at the control unit has an external antenna while the wireless remote IO has an integrated antenna and has a robust IP67 housing.
The DATAEAGLE 2730 is the perfect solution for process optimization, replacing cables or set up a new wireless connectivity between IO signals and machines.