Embedded Panel PC for Industrial HMI & Control Applications

The scalable product series of emVIEW systems offers a wide spectrum of process performance and display sizes from 6.5" up to (currently) 19.0". Customer-specific solutions for optimal adaptation to your exact task definition can be implemented by Janz Tec at any time.


This embedded panel PC with 12.1" display for industrial HMI & control applications can be equipped with a choice of many different current embedded processors. From ARM-based i.MX5 SOC to powerful Intel Atom, Celeron, Core2Duo and Intel Core i3/i5/i7, choosing from a wide variety of processors offers the best flexibility to fulfill your requirements.

  • Software: Pre-installed on our systems with the CODESYS SoftPLC from 3S is the Janz Tec software package emCONTROL which consists of a customized operating system such as Microsoft Windows CE, or Windows Embedded, withCODESYS-optimized drivers for the built-in fieldbus interfaces. The CODESYS runtime environment can be programmed using the associated CODESYS development environment from 3S according to IEC 61131-3.
  • Hardware: Additionally, all of our industrial computers are not just fitted with standard interfaces like Ethernet, USB and RS 232, but CANbus and EtherCAT interfaces are also available to the user, a valueable feature of this series. Embedded computers are always used when particularly robust and reliable systems are necessary due to the requirements demanded on them. These modularly-constructed, compact industrial computers are low-maintenance, energy-saving and extremely flexible. The computer architecture of the "embedded system" is based on a standard PC, with the embedded PC consisting only of components really necessary for the relevant application. This makes standalone use possible in Environments which would otherwise be extremely costly.




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