EtherCAT Programming Training

This training provides the basics for  programming and development of EtherCAT modules and controls. All subjects, by the EtherCAT-protocol layout, Statemachine, up to CoE and PDO Assignment are treated in detail on the basis of examples.

Content of training:

  • Basics of EtherCAT structure
  • EtherCAT telegram structure and analysis
  • EtherCAT state management 
  • PDI control 
  • Logical and physical module addressing 
  • SYNC management 
  • FMMU management 
  • Mailbox communication 
  • CoE and PDO assignment 
  • Watchdog module control 
  • EtherCAT module types 
  • Configuration and XML files
  • Distributed Clocks
  • X-Realtime EtherCAT Master


EtherCAT Programming Training