DYNARC Platform for Distributed Real-Time Control & Data Acquisition Systems

Synapticon DYNARC is a product development platform comprising a software development environment and a modular hardware design system consisting of compatible electronics modules that enable the creation of all kinds of control units for complex sensor and actuator networks. Internal processor units in every node make it possible to build complex automation solutions with local intelligence.

Synapticon DYNARC allows the rapid design of customized solutions, with a predefined path to serial production. Free programmability of all processor units and open sources of the modular firmware kit enable the development of deeply customized EtherCAT products, without needing to start from scratch or do custom hardware design. Instead of establishing prototypes using certain development products and after this initial development phase being required to design the serial product from the ground up, using DYNARC, developers can use the same components and tools they use for early proof of concept for the serial product development phase and mass production of their end-product.

Synapticon DYNARC-based custom network control nodes integrate all the hardware and software ressources that are needed to read any type of sensor as well as drive motors like BLDCs up to 3 x 960W. Thus they enable the development of massively distributed systems that brigde software-intensive solutions to the physical world, where the application intelligence is processed on the sensor-actuator level instead on higher-level, mostly centralized units.