Preliminary Agenda

Registration/Light Breakfast: 9:00 am
End of Seminar: 3:15 pm

Speaker: The fieldbus and Ethernet Expert, Robert B. Trask (ETG Representative North America). The order and titles of presentations may vary.

*Please note: 5 PE hours for continuing education credits are being awarded for attending the seminar. Agenda is subject to change.

   9:00 am

Welcome, Speaker Introduction

   9:15 am

From Ethernet to EtherCAT: why change a winning team?
A detailed look at Ethernet, and particularly Internet technologies, and what properties do and do not fit in automation systems.

10:00 am

EtherCAT Technology Introduction: How does it work?
A primer on EtherCAT, how it works, key functional principles, and performance data compared to the competition.

10:45 am

Coffee Break

11:00 pm

EtherCAT Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
A overview of the outstanding diagnostic features of the EtherCAT master and slaves, and how they can be used in systems for maximizing uptime, minimizing downtime, and assisting with troubleshooting a network.

11:30 am

EtherCAT P
I/O Power and EtherCAT in One Cable.

12:00 pm

Lunch Break

12:45 pm

Migration from Classical Fieldbus Systems: Best Practice
Upgrading from a legacy fieldbus to EtherCAT in a running system – a practical approach.

  1:15 pm

Generating Competitive Advantages with EtherCAT
A collection of EtherCAT applications, what the challenges were, and how EtherCAT helped to solve the automation challenges.

   2:00 pm

Coffee Break

  2:15 pm

Next-Gen Connectivity: EtherCAT powers the digital transformation
How EtherCAT enables the digital transformation in the context of TSN, OPC-UA, IoT, and Industry 4.0

   3:00 pm

Q&A and wrap-up



Actual dates and locations

November 05, 2019
Salt Lake City (UT), USA

November 07, 2019
St. Louis (MO), USA

November 21, 2019
Mississauga (ON) CAN

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