CODESYS Motion Starter Kit

The CODESYS Motion Starter Kits make motion control much easier

Just try the easy way to move and position a drive in a targeted and dynamic way by using a CODESYS motion controller. The KUHNKE starter kit is an embedded PC with drive controller and I/O module and represents a system solution to provide you with an easy entry into the modern world of drive control. Naturally, the package optionally includes a brushless servo motor or stepper motor. It allows you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice immediately.

The standard CODESYS program is fully usable. With the included KUHNKE motion control library it turns into a cost-effective and very powerful drive control unit with PLC functionality. It makes controlling a drive as easy as switching a digital output. The KUHNKE motion control libraries include functional modules as well as visualization templates for target visualization designed for all available drive control modes as well as for fast diagnosis of the drive.

The following motion control functions are available for servo and stepper motor controllers:

  • Interpolation mode
  • Positioning mode
  • Speed control mode
  • Torque control mode
  • Homing according to DSP402

The complete drive solution contained in the starter kit can be expanded modularly and offers easy operation via web visualization.


CODESYS Motion Starter Kit


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